Are you ready to stop just existing with your spouse and start really connecting again?

It happens... in almost every relationship, at some point we stop chatting all night and talking every chance we get, and start saying hi in the hall or sending messages about picking up milk in the way home from work.

Does this sound familiar?

You want to talk to your husband, you want to be able to feel that connection again... but you just don't know where to start.

It's okay... we've got you covered.

5 Simple Steps = Better Communication

It seems a little crazy doesn't it... this idea that we struggle so much to just talk in our relationship.

But communication is something we actually have to actively work on, it's easy to let if fall by the wayside (we've all been there too).

Which is why we focus on taking small simple steps to help you see big changes in the way you communicate and the way you receive communication too.

Step 1 - Get To Know Yourself

Here you'll learn why this is SUCH an important step and the things you need to know about yourself in order to communicate better in your relationships.

Step 2 - Line In The Sand

Step two is all about moving forward in your relationship and we share exactly how you can do this.

Step 3 - Be Clear

In this step we look at one of the biggest mistakes couples make when it comes to communication (and the one thing you need to stop doing right now).

Step 4 - The Feedback Loop

In this step we look at the science behind the feedback look and how understanding our brain can help us communicate better (incredibly fascinating stuff!).

Step 5 - Have Fun

The step that is always forgotten, and the first to go, but one that we are holding on strong! We look at why fun is so darn important in your relationship and how you can have more of it!

This Masterclass is right for you if...

  • you're struggling with feeling connected with your spouse and you aren't quite sure what happened
  • you're willing to try something new, reflect honestly on your relationship, and take steps to make changes
  • you want more out of your relationship, you want to feel connected again, and feel like you're on the same page
  • you're willing to have fun...

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